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We now have the names of B Btry, 1st AAA (Nike) (Continental) veterans of 1955 & 1956. These names will be added to the Veterans list and we will be updating the B Btry History in the near future.


Uploaded 23 photos from Tom Zangla to the gallery.

39 new names have been added to the list of Battery B veterans. These names were found on the Thankgsving menu that was submitted by Jim Plasio. Thanks Jim and thanks to Donald Wellman for tracking down the information on each of them.


I have added a page to compile some old Army documents. If you move your mouse over the “History” page in the menu bar a sub page titled “Old Army Documents” will drop down. The page is just started and I will be adding more documents as I get them prepared for upload. If you click on the links the articles will open in PDF format.


I have added another 25 names to the veteran’s list. I am also in the process of documenting some old Army information pertaining to Nike Hercules. The last couple months due to my regular job I have not had much time at all to spend updating this site so I am trying to get some improvements made and some new information added.


It’s been awhile since I’ve had some news but wanted to announce I have added a Gallery for Jim Plassio and have uploaded 11 pictures Jim submitted to me.  I have some other items he also submitted that I need to scan and format before uploading them so hopefully in the next few days I can get to those.

There was an upgrade available for the slide show program our site used so I did the upgrade today on that. I have not had a chance to see what difference the upgrade makes yet but it shuffled the gallery database around somewhat.

Also it seems like the last couple days brought an increase in the porn spam bots trying to post comments on the site. The spam filter we are using caught them but there were 25-30 of them I had to filter through. I did a bulk delete so if you notice something that you posted has not appeared on the site please comment again. I may have accidently deleted a legitimate  comment in the process.


The veterans page has been updated with some corrections and additions that were discovered by Don. I also have changed Ron Shupe’s information to note his passing on Jan 25th. Our hearts and prayers go out to Ron’s family in their time of grief. We are grateful to Ron’s service to his country.

37 images have been added to Don Stemmler’s album. If you have any names or other comments that I can add to the captions please let me know.

11-5-09 News
I’ve had to add a spam blocker to the comments function. If anyone leaves a comment it must be approved by me if this is the first time you make a comment. It usually does not take me long to approve these as I get notification of comment requiring moderation on my cell. Once you have had a comment approved then subsequent comments will appear immediately with no approval needed. It was getting to the point where I was dealing with 3 to 5 spams a day so I activated a spam protection plugin. It caught one spam this morning with no action on my part required so that is good to see it is working. If you ever leave a comment and you do not see it appear here please let me know.

10-25-09 Update

Added some photos from Gerald Mandel tonight and uploaded personal photos from Kent Mitchell.  Also on the Reunion page I posted a link to a 2003 interview with several Nike vets that appeared in the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review.

The site 37 historical photos are now published on the “History” page. there is also a comment at the bottom of the page from Don Wellman asking if anyone has any photos of a historical nature of Battery B.  I’ll take it one further and ask if anyone has any sort of a picture from your days at Battery B and would like them posted in our Photo Gallery to please email them to me and I will put them up and give you credit for the submission.

Any stories you might have from your time at Battery B would make interesting reading to the veterans of PI-37 and our site visitors. If you have a story or a memory you would like to share please email it to me and I will publish it on the site. Thanks and come back often as we are still adding more information.

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