Old Army Documents

The following articles were submitted by Henry Jaworski:

1955 Battery B Thanksgiving Day menu. 1955 Battery B Christmas Day menu.

This 1957 Christmas Menu submitted by Bob Summerlot.

1957 Christmas Day menu.


Here are some ARADCOM decals that you can purchase directly off the web. Just click the link below the decal you wish to purchase and you will be taken to the seller’s website. See the decals here.

The following articles were submitted by Jim Plassio.

Click sentry dogs to read an article about the use of sentry dogs at ARADCOM sites.

Military pay chart published in 1960.

1958 Battery B Thanksgiving Day menu. 1959 menu here, (only 3rd and 4th pages displayed here as the cover and prayer are the same as in the 1958 menu.

An invitation placard from the Commanding General and two Nike decals (circa 1966). Card.pdf

The following documents are made available by Al Lankau

Distinctive Insignias of Active Army Artillery Units. Insignia.pfd

The following document made available by Gerry Mandel

This 18th Grp Letter Head is submitted by Gerry Mandell where he served as Special Services Officer after leaving the Herminie Nike Site.

Historical Document from Al Lankau

Here is a little bit of the 18th Group history


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