The veterans of Battery B 1955-1974

This list contains over 1,382 names. These names were taken from Unit Rosters for B Battery active years 1955-1974, and were provided by the Military Personnel Records Center. Some Veterans names are missing from this list because of legibility issues with the rosters

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  1. Don Wellman #

    Any D-3-1 Pittsburgh Air Defense veterans out there?
    Let us hear from you.

  2. J.L. Lee #

    Any D battery IFC guys out there? 1961-1964

  3. Don Wellman #

    Hi, Sarah.
    Thank you so much for writing. I’m sure Sergeant Bibler is remembered by the veterans who served with him there at Herminie.
    I am sorry to hear of his passing. We will put that information by his name on our veterans list.
    I wish the best for you.

  4. Sarah Bibler #

    Hi Don….My name is Sara Bibler….my husbandDewey Max Bibler ,was part of your company uring the mid 60′s and retired from there on Oct.31, 1965….He was previously ststioned at the site locatted outside of Irwin and Manor ,Pa…..He passed away in the faa of ’77…..looking thru the list to see if I can remember any of the other men…..What a nice idea your site is……Good luck to all….

  5. Don Wellman #

    I have received a copy of the 1969 B-Battery Roster.
    We will be adding 101 new names to the Veterans of Battery B 1957-1974 from this roster!
    Thanks, Jeff Paulus, for providing a copy of a missing Unit Roster.

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