The veterans of Battery B 1955-1974

This list contains over 1,382 names.  These names were taken from Unit Rosters for B Battery active years 1955-1974, and were provided by the Military Personnel Records Center.  Some Veterans names are missing from this list because of legibility issues with the rosters

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Abercrombie, Frank 1957 SGT    
Abraham, William (Willy) 1957-1959 Panel Opr-Lch Area Contact info available  
Acavedo, Louis F. 1969      
Acy, Marvin 1961      
Adams, Edward H. Sr. 1958      
Adams, Jack S. 1963 MSG     1st SGT    
Adams, John W. 1955 SFC    
Adams, Richard 1965      
Adamson, James 1957 SFC    
Adkins, Howard E. 1965-1966 LCHR AREA Contact info available  
Adley, Francis C. Jr (Frank) 1969-1970 Motor Pool Contact info available  
Aiken. James W. 1959 SP5    
Albert, Frederick 1961      
Albrecht, Thomas W. 1969      
Alexander, Rudolph 1973      
Alexander, Timothy 1970      
Alexander, William 1965      
Allen, Bryce L. 1962      
Allen, Calvin E. 1972      
Allen, Charles R. 1970      
Allen, Harold L. Jr. 1966      
Allen, Henry 1955      
Allen, Macksel 1966 SP5    
Allen, Willis H. 1966 SFC    
Altman, Wayne J. 1970 SP5    
Ames, Clark T. lll 1957 MSG Deceased Jan 2, 1965  
Amigh, Carl J. 1960      
Ambrose, Gary L. 1969      
Amos, George F. 1955 Army ret 1977   Deceased October, 2001  
Anderson, Curtis E. 1957 Army ret 1975 2nd Lt. Deceased 2006  
Anderson, Darrell W. 1969      
Andrews, Mark J. 1966      
Ansell, John E. 1973      
Appell, Robert W. 1955 Attached    
Appleby, Ronald E. 1966      
Armstrong, Melvin H. 1960      
Arnold, Frederick L. 1960      
Arnold, Keith V. 1970      
Arnold, Mark S. 1969      
Arruda, Raymond 1963      
Arthur, Joseph W. 1968      
Arvieux, Daniel L. 1969-1970 BCO Cpt Contact info available  
Ascheman, Duane J. 1965   Deceased 2002  
Asdigian, John 1959 IFC AREA Contact info available  
Ashing, Roy 1971      
Ashton, Bruce W. 1970      
Ashworth, Donald D. 1972 SP5    
Atmaker, Albert B. 1966      
Atwell, William D. 1968      
Aucoin Robert L. 1963      
Aymonavage, Anthony 1955      
Ayola, Gilbert R. 1972 1stSGT           MSGT    
Bachar, James F. (Jim) 1965-1966 IFC-MTR Contact info available  
Bachler, Dennis A. 1962-1965 IFC Comp./HIPAR/FPSY Contact info available  
Bachman, Ralph A. Jr 1969      
Badgley, Bruce A. 1973      
Baer, Max W. 1957 IFC Computer/EW plotbrd Contact info available  
Bailey, Charles E. 1969      
Bailey, George R. 1957      
Baker, Edwin L. 1971      
Baker, Felix (Lefty) 1958-1959 1st Lt.                   IFC Contact info available  
Baker, Leo W. 1971 SP5    
Baker, Morris V. 1967      
Baker, Robert D. 1966 SFC    
Ballenger, Frank P. 1960-1962 1st Lt  IFC      Plt. Ldr. Contact info available  
Ballog, Andrew, Jr. 1960      
Banks, Ralph 1963      
Barbee, George R. 1969 SP5    
Barcroft, Wallace L. 1957      
Barkby, Brian L. 1970 SP5    
Barner, Marvin E. 1963 SP5    
Barnes, Robert L. 1970 SFC    
Barnes, Thomas 1972 SP5    
Barnett, George L. 1960      
Barnett, William 1972      
Barnhart, James D.(Jim) 1963 SP5 Contact info available  
Barnwell, George M. 1955 2LT asst lchr plt ldr    
Barrick, Conrad L. 1965-1967 Battery Clerk Contact info available  
Barry, Garfield A. 1965      
Bartlett, Frank  1959 BCO                  Cpt. Deceased  
Bartley, Larry R. 1963 lchr. Crewman Contact info available  
Barton, Raymond 1969 SP5    
Batley, Vern D. 1960 SGT    
Bayer, James W. 1965-1967 LCHR AREA Contact info available  
Beard, Edward G. 1972      
Beatty, Richard E.(Rich) 1965-1968 LCHR AREA Contact info available  
Beckett, Samuel B. 1972      
Behm, Donald R. (Don) 1962-1965 Lchr Crewman Deceased Oct 13, 2010  
Benjamin, Roy 1968 SFC    
Bennett, Charles F. 1970      
Bennett, Ira L. 1966      
Benson, Harry C. 1957      
Berkopec, Robert L. 1970 SP5    
Bertrand, James E. (Jim) 1958-1961 IFC---MTR Contact info available  
Bibler, Dewey M. 1963 Army ret 1965 SFC Deceased 1977  
Biller, Leo B. Jr. 1958-1961 Lchr. Crewman? Deceased 2005  
Bish, Robert H. (Bob) 1965-1967 IFC--HIPAR Contact info available  
Bixler, William H.(Bill) 1957-1959 Lchr. Crewman Contact info available  
Black, David B. 1958 MSG    
Black, Kenneth W. 1968      
Blackman, Milton C. 1962      
Blake, Earl C. 1972      
Blancher, Stanley R., Jr 1969      
Blanton, Kenneth R. 1963   Contact info available  
Blevins, Daniel M. 1958      
Bloomer, Harold Del 1973      
Boardman, Norman C. 1972      
Bogardus, Jerry P. 1972      
Bogensberger, Paul F 1964-1966 Platoon Ldr, 1st LT Contact info available  
Boggs, Blaine C. 1955      
Boggs, John E.(Jack) 62-64 Army retired '75 BCO, Cpt. Deceased Oct 5, 2010  
Boles, Kenneth E. 1972 SP5    
Bombard, James M. 1966      
Boone, Robert H. 1955      
Booth, Roger M. 1965      
Bortz, Clarence A. 1958, 1959 Battery Clerk Contact info available  
Boryszewski, Joseph 1956 SFC    
Botner, Bobby E. 1955-1956 Comm Chief Contact info available  
Bowen, John W. 1969      
Bowerman, Oscar L. 1960      
Bowles, Louis E. 1970      
Bowley, Theodore E. 1970      
Bowman, Donald B. (Don) 1962-1965 Lchr area and Motor Pool Contact info available  
Boyce, Jack A. 1966      
Boyd, Leroy 1957      
Boyd, Matthew 1973 SGT    
Bragg, Jesse L. 1957      
Brandenburg, Willis H. 1959      
Bray, Ernest 1956      
Brendahl, Ronald E. 1971      
Brewer, David L. 1966      
Bridges, Joseph 1970      
Brittingham, Truman 1955      
Brock, Prentice 1973      
Brooks, Michael 1972      
Brooks, Tommy L. 1961      
Brooks, Virgil 1966 SSG    
Brothers, Robert M. 1972 SP5    
Brown, Brent E. 1960      
Brown, Colton J. 1972      
Brown, Elmer J. 1965-1966 Computer Opr Contact info available  
Brown, Estell S. 1969 SP5    
Brown, Harold S. 1972 SSG    
Brown, Joseph C. 1962      
Brown, Keith H. 1970 SP5    
Brown, Lawrence O. 1969 SP5    
Brown, Norman D. 1961      
Brown, Robert O. Jr. 1968 SP5    
Browne, Francis R, 1960      
Browning, Charles E. 1966 SFC    
Brumfield, James H. 1962 SFC    
Bryan, David M. 1969      
Bryant, Raymond J. 1966 SSG    
Buchanan, Patrick C. (Pat) 1970-1973      
Buckley, Clyde A. 1957   Deceased  
Budro, Dewey 1957      
Bundy, Michael H. 1969 SP5    
Bunnel, David L. 1963      
Bunting, Ernest 1966 SP5    
Burchett, Franklin 1963 Lchr Crewman Deceased Oct 12, 1994  
Burchett, Noble E. 1955 MGS    
Burke, William E. 1957      
Burt, William D. 1969 SP5    
Byers, Bobby M.(Mitch) 1962-1965 Acq Radar/Battery Clerk Contact info available  
Byers, Kenneth D., Jr. 1960-1963 Acquisition Radar Contact info available  
Byers, Robert J. 1966 SGT    
Byroad, Larry R. 1966      
Byzon, Wayne P. 1968-1969 Motor Pool Contact info available  
Calabrace, Joseph D. 1972      
calandra, Joseph P. 1969      
Caldwell, Herbert D.,Jr.(Herb) 1968 Supply Clerk Contact info available  
Caliguire, Larry D. 1965      
Callanan, Joseph F. 1963      
Campbell, James R. 1968      
Campbell, Roosevelt 1957      
Cardaro, Joseph J.(Joe) 1965-1967 IFC AREA Contact info available  
Carmichael, Ray 1957      
Carson, Thomas 1962      
Carter, Arthur N. Jr. 1973      
Carter, Bunnie J. 1961 SFC    
Carter, Franklin D. 1957 SGT    
Carter, John E. 1955      
Carton, Ronald N. 1957      
Caruso, Phillips S. 1960      
Case, Larry B. 1961      
Cashwell, Glyn W. 1969 SP5    
Caso, Robert P. 1956      
Casper, Robert S. 1966      
Cast, Larry 1962      
Castle, Robert l. 1965      
Castro, Enrique C. 1968 SP5    
Castro, Robert N. 1966      
Cauley, Larry C. 1968      
Caywood, Walter E. 1969      
Celmer, Joseph 1968      
Chaney, Alfred L., Jr. 1969      
Chassie, Duane W. 1971-1972 SP5    Lchr Area Contact info available  
Chenoweth, Rondell(Ron) 1972-1974 Lcher Area Contact info available  
Childers, Larry J. 1966      
Childs, Luther E. 1963      
Chisholm, Millard K. 1968      
Christian, Douglas 1972      
Chuba, Michael J. 1965      
Chumlea, Samuel E. 1957 SFC    
Church, Charles O. Jr. 1957 MSG    
Church, Clarence D. 1969      
Cieminis, Arvydas A.(Andy) 1964-1966 SP5  IFC computer/ swbd Contact info available  
Cison, Allen R. 1972-1974 Missile Tec/ Security Contact info available  
Clark, Benic M., Jr. 1955-1956 Battery Clerk Contact info available  
Clark, Ellison S. 1970 SSG    
Clark, James T. III 1973      
Clark, John W. 1955      
Clark, Rufus F. 1966 WO1    
Classic, John L. 1963      
Clemens, Samuel W. 1969      
Clippinger, Herbert 1963 SP5    
Cloud, Thomas J. 1970      
Clouse, J.C. 1959      
Coates, Clarence E. Jr. 1957 SFC    
Cobb, Arthur 1966 SSG    
Coby, Carl E. 1968      
Cochran,William(Bill) D. 1967-1968 Elect. Tech

46885 St. Rt7, New Matamoras, Oh
Coleman, Leroy, Jr. 1966 SP5    
Coleman, Richard 1966 SP5    
Coles, Dewey L. 1958 Army ret 1970 Cpt.              BCO Contact info available  
Collins, Ralph F. 1963      
Collis, Steven C. 1966      
Colon-Vazquez, Juan 1956      
Colvin, Dale E. 1973      
Comer, James T. 1969      
Conn, Raymond H. 1972 SP5    
Conner, James F. 1955      
Conrad, Richard A. 1960      
Conrath, Gerald L. 1959      
Conroy, Donald H. Jr. 1970 SP5    
Cook, Chauncy J. 1968 SGT    
Cook, Dennis L. 1973      
Cook, Norman H. Jr. 1971      
Cook, Vance H. 1969 SGT    
Cooley, James A. 1966      
Coon, Donald D. 1970 SGT    
Cooper, Jimmy R. 1969 SP5    
Coppella, Richard D. 1957-1959 Lchr. Crewman Deceased Feb. 1980  
Corbett, Christopher(Chris) 1972-1974 Lchr Securtiy/Dog Handler Contact info available  
Corbin, Glenn M. 1968   Contact info available  
Corby, Ralph F. 1958 CWO W3    
Corry, Albert N. 1960      
Cote, David H. 1965      
Cousins, Melvin F. 1957 IFC Com/EW plotbrd Contact info available  
Coville, Bernard P. 1959 SFC    
Cowgill, John B 1957 CWO W4    
Cox, Dwight O. 1957 SFC    
Cox, Edward L. 1962      
Cox, Kenneth L. 1959      
Cox, Roger A 1972      
Cox, Stanley J. 1970      
Cox, William A. 1962      
Cozad, Delos M. 1973 SP5    
Craddock, Thomas R. 1972 SP5    
Craft, Robert E. Jr.(Bob) 1964-1967 CW3    Lchr Area 414 Windsor Ln, New Braunfels,TX 78132
Cragg, Brian S. 72-74 Army ret '88 CWO WO1   Lchr Area Contact info available  
Craig, David E. 1960 SFC    
Crawford, Ronald E. 1970 SSG Deceased 1999  
Creekmore, Jennings 1965      
Crichfield, James D.(Jim) 1963-1964 Lchr Area Deceased Dec 22, 2009  
Crise, Arden L. 1960      
Crist, Gerald P. 1959 SSG    
Crittenden, James R. 1963 SFC    
Croce, Richard T. 1957      
Crocker, Smith R. 57-61  Army retired SGT               IFC Contact info available  
Cromer, Charles A. 1968      
Crook, Charles F. 58-60 Army retired    Contact info available  
Crowe, John J. 1960      
Crump, Joseph (Joe) 1970-1971 Supply Room/Armorer Contact info available  
Cujdik, Joseph B. 1965 SSG    
Culbertson, James E. 1964 Cpt                  BCO    
Curry, Paul E. 1957-1958 CWO W2 Deceased 2004  
Cyr, Claude L. (Blacky) 1955   Deceased 1997  
Cyrus, Grover A. 1971 CWO W2    
Czako, Stephen L. 1966      



Dale, Charles R. 1959      
Damron, James E.(Jim) 1962-1967 SP5  IFC crew chief Contact info available  
Davenport, Robert L. 1966 SFC    
Davidson, Rickey L. 1971      
Davis, Billy C. 1957      
Davis, Charles L. 1968      
Davis, Craig S, 1970-1974 SP5 IFCMaintenance    
Davis, David T. 1973      
Davis, Garry A. 1966      
Davis, Jack N. 1968 SSG    
Davis, James R. 1966-1967 IFC-TTR Contact info available  
Davis, Robert D. (Bob) 1962-1965 IFC Generator Opp/TTR 5500 N. St. Johns Rd. Lima, OH 45806
Davis, William A. 1971 SP5    
Dawson, Frank D. 1970      
Deas, Charles  K. 1966      
Deason, Douglas L. 1957-1959 2nd Lt.  Exec.Officer Contact info available  
Deaton, Charles 1970      
DeAugustine, Vince 1968-1972 SP5 Missile Equip Tech Contact info available  
Dees, James E. 1955 WO-W1 IFC specialist    
DeGrange, William E. 1960      
Deliman, George M. 1955      
DeLeon, Guillermo 1966 SFC    
DeLong, George, E. 1969      
Dellitt, John J. 1965      
Delp, Larry E. 1966-1967 1st Lt. Lchr Plt Ldr.

66280 Indigan Ln, Edwardsburg,MI 49112
De Maio, Louis J. 1969 SP5    
Demchak, Leonard R. 1965      
Denton, Jesse L. 1965-1968 MP               Dog Handler Contact info available  
Denton, Timothy L. 1972 SP5    
Derbez, Edward W. 1959 Cook Contact info available  
Derr, Charles K. 1958      
Derx, Justus A., Jr 1969 IFC Gen Opr Contact info available  
DeSantis, James Jr. 1973      
Desmond, James V. 1955 SFC    
Desota, Ovide 1955      
Deuel, Brian 1962      
Devore, David O. 1960      
Dewalt, Dale V. 1961-1964 switchbrd/Motor pool Sgt. Contact info available  
Dickey, William 1973      
Dickson, David J. 1958 2nd Lt.    
Dinkel, Robert L.(Bob) 1959-1961 Driver  Motor Pool Contact info available  
Dixon, Truman H. 1964-1965 Lchr Crewman Contact info available  
Dneaster, John A. 1971      
Dodson, George J. 1965 SP5    
Doetsch, John C., Jr. 1964-1966 SGT  Motor Pool Contact info available  
Doiron, Richard W. 1970 SP6    
Donable, Ernest J., III 1969      
Donnelly, Howard Jr. 1955 Attached    
Donohoo, Byron D. 1973      
Dorion, David R. 1972      
Doss, Willie C. 1965 SP5    
Dotson, Estel L. 1955      
Doty, Darryl R. 1959-1962 IFC Acq / Computer Opr 219 Valbert St., Flora, Il 62839  
Doyon, Wayne K. 1972-1973 SP5    Mess Hall Contact info available  
Duffy, Jimmie O. 1960      
Dukes, Orville L. 1955      
Dunn, Warren W. 1969 IFC Area Contact info available  
Dunnings, Leland P. 1963      
Durant, James K. 1969 SP5    
Duson, Earl A. 1956      
Dykstra, Kenneth D.(Ken) 1971-1973 Cook Contact info available  
Eberhart, James F. 1962 2nd Lt.    
Eckhart, Gerald S.(Jerry) 1960-1962 LCHR. Area Contact info available  
Egan, Bernard S.(Steve) 1960-1961 Battery Clerk Contact info available  
Eicher, James C.(Jim) 57-60  66-68 Army ret. SFC   IFC Plt. Sgt. Deceased Aug 17, 2011  
Elder, Vernon M. Jr (Sonny) 1969 Radar Cont. Opr Contact info available  
Ellingham, Christy 1965      
Elliott, James 1955      
Elliott, Oral D. 1955 Radio Operator Contact info available  
Elliotte, Lawrence 1968      
Ellis, Richard L. 1966 SFC    
Elsea, Emmert S. 1962-1963 IFC   Generator Opr 130 Maryanne Ave. SW., Leesburg, VA 20175
English, Henry G. 1966      
English, Robert P. 1972 CWO WO2    
Enochs, Randall R.(Randy) 1966 Supply Clerk Contact info available  
Erdman, Kenneth B. 1973 SSG    
Ernst, Roger A. 1965      
Erving, Robert M.(Bob) 1966-1967 MP     Lchr Security Contact info available  
Etheridge, William 1962 CWO W2    
Evans, Edward P. (Ed) 60-62 Army retired 68 MSG                1st SGT Contact info available  
Eyler, Joel P. 1972-1974 MTR/Computer Contact info available  
Fallow, Ray 1974      
Farr, George J. 1957 SP5    
Favreau, Stephen F.(Steve) 1972-1974 IFC-MTR/TTR Contact info available  
Feduccia, Joseph V. Jr. 1967 W01    
Feidt, Lee N. 1955 Motor pool mechanic Contact info available  
Fenty, Glenn D. 1966      
Ferguson, Perry L. 1960-1962 Lchr. Parts Contact info available  
Fernandez, Caballero 1972      
Ferris, Ramon 1961-1964 Cook Contact info available  
Figueroa-Bidot, Jai 1955      
Filipek, Raymond A. 1955      
Finch, Henry P. 1957 SGT  Lchr. Contact info available  
Findley, Jack F. 1957      
Fitch, Donald F.(Don) 1968 MP Dog Hanller Contact info available  
Fitzgerald, Robert E. 1968 W01    
Fizz, Carl B. 1966      
Flanagan, James T. 1968      
Flanigan, Richard C.(Dick) 69-71  Army retired 88 BCO 1st Lt. Contact info available  
Fleming, Michael J. 1970 SP5    
Fletcher, George L. 1962      
Flynn, Kevin J. 1972      
Flynn, Raymond C. 1958 SGT    
Fonseca, Rodrigo A. 1963 2nd Lt    
Fontenot, Larry J. 1965      
Ford, John H. 1957-1959   Deceased April 28, 2005  
Foreman, Robert W.(Bob) 1960-1962 LCHR AREA Contact info available  
Formentelli, Victor E. (Vic) 1968-1969 Lchr area, Missile PM Contact info available  
Foster, Stanley 1955      
Fountain, Dean E. 1958      
Fox, Dale F. 1962-1963   Contact info available  
Fox, Gary D. 1962-1965 Lchr Crewman Contact info available  
Frederick, Gregory J. 1969      
Fricke, William H. 1965 SSG    
Friedman, Robert C. 1965 SP5    
Froble, David A. (Dave) 1966-1968 IFC AREA Contact info available  
Frost, Ronald D.(Ron) 1962-1965 Lcher area Contact info available  
Frye, Henry B.(Britt) 62-65 Army retired 78 SP5     IFC tech. Contact info available  
Fulmer, Robert C. 1960      
Funches, Donald W. 1972 SP5    
Furnoff, Robert G., Jr. 1969 SP5    
Fyock, Robert E. 1971 SGT    




Gacek, Walter 1959-1962 SP5LCHR. Contact info available  
Galen, Paul E. 1959      
Gall, Raymond G.(Ray) 62-66 Army Ret SP5 Contact info available  
Gallagher, Floyd F. 1966   Deceased about 2000  
Gallagher, Francis E. (Frank) 1955, '56-Army ret 73 1LT BCO Contact info available  
Gallagher, Robert 1966      
Gank, Nathan L. 1966      
Gant, Willie L. 1972      
Garber, John W. 1958      
Gardula, Michael C. 1966 SSG    
Garrison, Ronald T. 1957      
Gavran, William P. 1959      
Gebes, Francis G. (Frank) 68  Army ret 77 W03 Lchr Area Contact info available  
Geertgens, Roy A. 1968-1969 Radar Opr. Contact info available  
Geffers, Donald J. 1966      
Gelentine, Merle 1969      
Gentile, Michael A. 1969 Lchr Area Contact info available  
George, Kenneth C. 1968      
Gerlach, Gilbert R. 1958      
Gerwing, Theodore P.(Ted) 1966-1969 Cpt. BCO Contact info available  
Gessner, Vernon B. 1965      
Gibbs, Theodore, C. 1970      
Gibson, Donald J. 1966      
Gibson, Donnie R. 1966      
Gibson, Gifford G. 1960 SGT    
Gibson, Joe G., Jr. 1955      
Gilvarry, Patrick J. 1955 SGT    
Ginsel, James H. 1965 SP5 Deceased 2004  
Gjerdahl, James M. 58 Army retired 1972 1st SGT Deceased 2001  
Gleen, Howard G. 1959 SP5 attached    
Glover, Bobby R. 68-70 Army retired 1st SGT Contact info available  
Glover, Primus 1959 SSG    
Goetzmann, Philip A. 1957 1st Lt.    
Goins, James M. 1959 Lchr Area Deceased 2005  
Goldstein, Kenneth G. 1965      
Gomez. Rodolfo 1957      
Gonzales, Arthuro M. 1966      
Gonzales, Richard R. 1966-1968 Acquisition Radar Opr Contact info available  
Gooding, James W.(Jim) 1972-1974 Lch Crewman Contact info available  
Good, Robert (Bob) 1967-1969 Cook Contact info available  
Goodman, Barney 1961      
Goodman, Carl E. 1957 SP5    
Goodyear, John B. 1971-1972 Lchr Crewman Contact info available  
Gorder, Leroy V. 1959 1st Lt.    
Gordon, Cornelious 1957-1959   Deceased July 24, 2004  
Gordon, John F. 1955      
Gorney, Kenneth C.(Ken) 1963-1965 Lchr Crewman Contact info available  
Goulah, Gary W. 1972-1974 IFC Contact info available  
Gover, Raymond O. 1961 SFC    
Goyer, Gene W. 1972      
Grady, James 1962      
Grajcar, Edward M. 1969      
Grantham, Donald K. 1973      
Gray, Frederick W. 1957      
Gray, Howard 1968 SP5    
Gray, Kenneth J. 1962      
Green, Cecil C. 1960 CWO W2    
Green, Paul E. 1957      
Grenier, James 1974 2nd Lt.    
Grillini, Ralph P. 1965      
Grimes, Rickey G. 1971 SGT    
Grindstaff, Harold 1963-1964 lcher area/supply room Contact info available  
Grisley, William L. (Bill) 1955-1956 Launcher area-fueler Contact info available  
Grizzard, Charles T. 1955      
Gross, Dewaine A. 1959-1962 SFC Mess Sgt. Deceased July 1995  
Gross, Richard W. 1969      
Gross, William C. 1970      
Grove, Berwin 1974      
Grove, Floyd E. 1958   Deceased Jan. 23, 2001  
Groves, Dennis E. 1973      
Guardiola-Perez, Jose 1958 SFC    
Guyse, Robert E. (Bob) 1964-1966 Lchr Area Contact info available  
Haase, Stephen R.(Steve) 1973 IFC radar Opr. Contact info available  
Habnab, Joseph D. 1957      
Haddix, David P. (Dave) 1971-1973 Lchr. Security Contact info available  
Hagan, Aaron 1966-1967 Acquisition Radar Opr Contact info available  
Haggard, Bobby 1969      
Hale, Philip N.(Phil) 1972-1974 MP Dog Hanller Contact info available  
Haliburton, Richard 1966      
Hall, Alfred E. 1960 SGT    
Hall, Donald G., Sr. 1966 SP5    
Hall, William N. (Ned) 1955-1956 Launcher area Contact info available  
Halm, James M. 1955      
Halstead, Gordon K. 1965-1966 SP5 Contact info available  
Halvatgis, Raymond 1971 2nd Lt.    
Hamilton, Edgar D. 1961      
Hamlin, Allen G. 1955      
Hamm, Jerry L. 1973-1974 IFC Contact info available  
Hammond, Dewitt D. 1972      
Hammond, Gerald A. 1963 Lchr Area    Gen Opr Deceased 2004  
Hampton, Ceburn B. 1973      
Hampton, Wade, Jr. 1955      
Hancock, Lawrence M. 1965 2nd LT    
Haney, Richard V. 1966      
Hanley, Peter E.(Pete) 1965-1967 IFC-ACQ/COMP Contact info available  
Hardeman, Alton L. 1957-1959 SP5 IFC Area Contact info available  
Hare, George, D. 1965      
Harlan, Samuel L. 1959      
Harmon, James L. 1966      
Harper, James R. (Jim) 1957-1958 IFC-MTR Contact info available  
Harper, Larry A. 1957-1959 IFC-TTR Contact info available  
Harriger, Robert A. 1970, 72-74 Lchr Area Contact info available  
Harris, Douglas L.(Doug) 1973-1974 IFC  2502 White Pine Dr, Mebane,NC 27302
336-578-0970 (cell) 919-523-0111
Harris, Ferrell 1957      
Harris, Vernon 1961      
Harrison, Bobby L. 1960      
Harrold, Leonard A. 1969 SSG    
Harry, Dale W. 1967-1968 Launcher Crewman Deceased April 28, 2005  
Hart, Jerry  C. 1963 SP5    
Hart, Milton R. (Russ) 1955-1956 Launcher area Contact info available  
Hartman, Robert L. 1966      
Hatcher, Winfred E. 1955      
Hathaway, Richard D. 1972      
Haughie, William D.(Bill) 66   Army retired 1971 MSG  Lchr. Plt. Sgt. Contact info available  
Havis, Joe H. 1955 SFC    
Havron, Roy S. 1973      
Hawk, Tommy C. 1957 1st Lt.    
Hawkins, Clayton A. 61 Army retired 78   Deceased 1981  
Hawkins, Jerry D. 1959      
Haynes, Hugh R. 1955      
Hays, Thaddasus 1960      
Haywood, Bobby W. 1961      
Heckathorn, Ralph J. Jr. 1958      
Heflin, Henry O. Jr. 1955 1st LT Exec. Officer    
Helmick, Thomas A. 1968 SSG    
Hendershot, Robert 1963      
Henderson, Alvin N.(Shorty) 1957 Gen. Chief     IFC Contact info available  
Henderson, Jessie 1974 SFC    
Henderson, Vernon 1957      
Hengeli, William A. 1959      
Henneise, Gerald, W.(Gerry) 1967-1968 SP5 Battery Clerk Contact info available  
Hensley, Charles E. 1957      
Herbson, Dennis 1969 lLchr Gen. Contact info available  
Hergenroeder, Leo A. 59-62  Army retired Capt.BCO Contact info available  
Herrera, Matias M. 1966 SP5    
Herzog, Freddie H. 1957-1959 Lchr. Crewman? Deceased March 1994  
Hess, Charles R. 1965      
Hess, Raymond L. 1955      
Hicks, Arlie M. 1967-1968 IFC Gen Opr. 636 Clayhill Dr, Selmer, TN 38375
Hicks, Harold D. 1955-1958 PX Contact info available  
Hicks, Sherman R. 1958   Deceased September 1995  
Hill, Bobby R. 1973      
Hill, Dorrance 1955 SFC    
Hilpert, John A. Jr. 1957      
Hilton, John W.(John) 1965-1966 Lchr.Crewman/PanelOpr. Contact info available  
Hindman, Robert J. 1965      
Hirano, Raymond I. 1970 CWO WO2    
Hobbs, Elgin 70 Military retired 79 SFC-Mess Sergeant Contact info available  
Hobday, Donnie L. 1972 SP5    
Hodges, Robert R. 1969 SP5    
Hodnett, Robert W. 1969 WO1    
Hoffman, Jeffrey A.(Jeff) 1970-1971 LCHR-MAINT TECH Contact info available  
Holland, David E. 1968      
Holland, Richard A. 1963      
Holley, Charles D.(Dave) 1972-1973 Acquisition Radar Opr Contact info available  
Holzapfel, John W. 1966 SP5 Contact info available  
Hooks, Herbert D. (Herb) 1965 Radar Repairman Contact info available  
Hoover, Edward L. 1972      
Hopp, Frederick J. 1972      
Hopper, Lyle V. 1955-1956 Launcher area Contact info available  
Horne, Charles T. 1960      
Hosick, Joe 1965-1969 IFC WO Contact info available  
Hotinger, Harvey L. 1957 2nd LT. IFC Contact info available  
Houchin, Stephen L.(Steve) 1966-1967 IFC Computer/Parts clerk Contact info available  
Howe, Richard L. 1966 Sp5    
Hoyle, Russell R. 1965 SP5    
Hoyle, Walter A. 1959-1962 Lchr. Crewman? Deceased March 2007  
Hudson, Charles L.(Chuck) 1971-1972 Security Contact info available  
Hudson, Franklin S. 1957 SFC    
Hueber, Russell L. 1955-1956 Launcher area Contact info available  
Huffy, Michael J.(Mike) 68,70-71 Army ret 88 Cpt  BCO Contact info available  
Huggins, Benny M. 1955-1956 Radar Operator Contact info available  
Hughes, Earl M. 63  Army retired 1975 SP5 Deceased March 2001  
Hughes, Johnny D. 1971      
Hummel, Donald J. 1968      
Humphrey, George R. 1963      
Humphrey, John O. 1971-1972 IFC- Radar Contact info available  
Hunt, Bobby G. 1965      
Huntley, Joe G. 1963      
Hyden, James S. 1963      
Hyne, Merrel E. Jr. 1957 Army Retired 1st Lt. BCO Deceased June 8, 1982  
Iddings, Michael W. 1970      
Incarnato, Gerald J. 1959 attached    
Irwin, James D. 1971      
Ivanciw, Alexander 1966      
Ivey, Charles E.(Charlie) 62-66  Army retired 66 MSG 1stSGT Contact info available