The veterans of Battery B 1955-1974

This list contains over 1,382 names.  These names were taken from Unit Rosters for B Battery active years 1955-1974, and were provided by the Military Personnel Records Center.  Some Veterans names are missing from this list because of legibility issues with the rosters

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Jackisch, Robert E. 1955   Deceased 2009  
Jackson, Clarence A. 1965      
Jacobs, James H. 1966      
Jacobson, Irwin M. 1960 LCHR. Security(MPs)    
Jamerson, Edward L. 1966 SGT    
James, Leroy 1964 Cpt. Bn Chaplin    
James, Robert F. 1971      
James, Ronald E. 1961      
Jamison, Darrell E. 1968      
Jaworski, Henry E. 1955-1958 Launcher area Contact info available  
Jenkins, Harold S. 1957      
Jenkins, Ray A. 1970 Army retired SSG Deceased  
Jennings, William C. 1960      
Jennison, Robert 1973      
Jezewski, Gerald E. (Gerry) 1968-1969 TRR Opr Contact info available  
Joerger, Maynard Z. 1957      
Jogan, Ronald J.(Ron) 1971 temp Contact info available  
Johnson, Albert  1973      
Johnson, Carl E. 1957      
Johnson, Cliff 1957      
Johnson, Donald C. 1973 SP5    
Johnson, Farrell G. 1965      
Johnson, Gerald L. 1957      
Johnson, Herman S. 1955      
Johnson, Ira L. 1957      
Johnson, James B. 1955 2LT Lchr plt leader    
Johnson, Jonas L. 1965      
Johnson, Loyd E. 1969   Contact info available  
Johnson, Lynn W. 1960      
Johnson, Michael G. 1966      
Johnson, William 1955      
Jones, Clyde B. Jr. 1967  Amy retired 1977 Cpt. BCO Contact info available  
Jones, Craig W. 1972      
Jones, David L. 1966      
Jones, Frederick C., Jr. 1969      
Jones, Herbert D. 1958      
Jones, John P. 1955      
Jones, Michael S. 1969      
Jones, Phillip L. 1961      
Jordan, Frank 1961 SP5    
Jordan, Stanley T. 1965      
Joy, Joe C. 1959-1962 TTR Contact info available  
Joy, Robert H.(Bob) 1959-1962 MTR Contact info available  
Judkins, David M. 1960      
Julius, Terry L. 1969      
Jurovcik, Frank M. 1963      
Kach, Edward F. 1963 SP5    
Kal, Robert G. 1963   PO Box 23802, Norfolk, VA., 23541
Kaminski, Ronald H.(Ron) 1965-1967 Lchr Crewman Contact info available  
Kammer, Raymond, T. 1955-1956 IFC Area Contact info available  
Karpuzka, Robert 1970 SP5    
Kasch, Gerald E.(Jerry) 1958-1960 TTR/SWBD Opr Contact info available  
Kash. Edward 1962      
Kaurudar, James D. (Jim) 1968-1969 SP5 TTR Opr

1770 Bloomfield Rd., Roaring Spring, Pa 16673
(814) 224-2105 (home) 814-931-1921 (Cell)

Kear, Arthur 1963 SFC    
Kearney, John R. 1958 SSG    
Keehn, Edward 1957      
Keeling, Howard D. 1966      
Keffer, William K. 1969      
Kempe, William P. 1971      
Kennedy, Ronald L.(Ron) 65-66 Army Retired 67 MSG  1stSGT Contact info available  
Kent, John E. 1963 SP5    
Kerns, Terry L. 1968-1972 SP5  Lchr. Crewman    
Kessler, Kenneth J. 1955      
Keyes, Christopher H.(Chris) 1968-1969 SGT Mps Contact info available  
Kibler, William J. 1962      
Kilgore, Elliot V. 1969 Army retired 1974 SSG Crew Chief Contact info available  
Killian, George N. 1955      
Killian, Robert L. 1962   Deceased 2005  
Kimball, Donald F. 1955   Contact info available  
Kimes, Donald F. 1963      
Kimmel, Kenneth E. 1966      
Kimmy, James C. 1957      
Kimpling, Robert E. 1955   Deceased 2007  
Kiner, Paul K. III 1969 Radar Maint Contact info available  
King, Darrell L. 1973      
King, Edward L. 1969 2nd Lt    
King, Harold L. 1966      
Kingston, Willie J. 1974 CWO WO2    
Kirkpatrick, Robert M. 1960      
Kirkpatrick, Rollin 1971 SFC    
Kleeb, Frederick J. Jr. 1958 CWO W3    
Kline, Thomas L. 1955      
Kloess, Russell H. (Russ) 1955-1956 Launcher area Contact info available  
Knies, Paul E. J. 1960-1963 Launcher. Area Contact info available  
Koch, Gary P. 1972      
Kolk, Jerry F. 1969      
Komar, George J. 1960      
Konesky, Andrew F. 1972 SSG Deceased 1999  
Korecky, Gary S. 1971      
Kraemer, James 1970      
Kraybill, Donald P. (Don) 1955 TTR Operator Contact info available  
Kreczkpvich, Edward? 1962      
Krelle, John S. 1955      
Kretser, Karl D. Sr. 1970      Army retired SP5 Deceased 1997  
Krivonak, John F. 1957-1960 Lchr. Crewman Contact info available  
Krol, Richard 1962      
Krystel, Philip L. 1969-1971 Lchr Crewman Contact info available  
Kulp, Russell H. 1955-1958 Launcher area Contact info available  
Kunik, Thomas J. 1963      
Kunkel, Stephen T. 1970      
Kurtz, Jay B.,II 1958-59 attached Contact info available  
Kushner, John R.(Jack) 59-62  Army retired 81 1st Lt.Lchr Area and BCO Contact info available  
Kusmierek, John L. 1966      
Kutzler, William F. 1957      
Lacey, William E. 1969      
Lackey, James A. 1972 SP5    
LaFollette, James 1965 Lchr Area Contact Info available  
Lafond, Robert L.(Bob) 1959-1961 IFC  Switchboard Contact info available  
LaGoy, Floyd (Skip) 1968 Supply Driver Contact info available  
Laird, William D. 1955 MSG 1st SGT    
Laird, Willie B. 1957      
Lam, Robert 1969      
LaMantia, Richard 1965-1966 IFC- Radar 1248 Beaver Ave., Midland, PA 15059
Lambert, Paul R. 1970      
Lance, Charles F. 1961 SP5    
Lance, Frederick R.(Fred) 1966 SGT Lchr. Area Contact info available  
Land, Walter H. 1955      
Landreaux, Jerry 1973      
Lane, Robert H. 1970      
Lang, Gary L. 1963      
Lang, Robert F. 1957      
Lankau, Albert J. (Al) 1964-1966 Plt. Ldr., XO 1st LT Contact info available  
Larosee, Henry C. 1969 SSG    
Laspada, Anthony R.(Tony) 71-73 Army Retired 89 Cpt.  BCO Contact info available  
Lattin, Hanford B. 1963      
Lauer, Gary J 1970      
Lawrence, Larry R. 1960-1962 Launcher area Contact info available  
Lawrence, Raymond E. 1955   Deceased 2000?  
Lawson, Lucky V. 1966 Launcher crewman Contact info available  
Layhue, Howard L. 1970      
Lazarick, Thomas 1965   Deceased 2004  
Leach, Jack R. 1972 SFC    
Leatherman, Luther L. Sr. 1965 SFC    
Leblanc, Joseph 1963 SSG    
Lechner, Ted H. 1973 CWO W2    
Leckness, Gerald F. 1970      
Ledford, Willie M. 1971      
Leduc, Leonard 1969 SP6    
Lee, Charles M. 1955      
Lenard, Wallace R. 1965      
Leos, Henry F., Jr. 1968      
Lepore, Daniel S. (Dan) 1969 Lchr Area Contact info available  
Lett, Penrick N. 1957 SFC    
Leugs, Cornelius A. 1957 Battery Clerk Contact info available  
Lewandoski, Donald(Don) 1971 IFC- HIPAR Contact info available  
Lewis, James M. 1971      
Liddle, William L. 1965      
Lipscomb, James B. 1957-1958 Lchr Crewman Contact info available  
Little, Russell G. 1962 SFC Deceased 2001  
Lober, Jack 57-62 Military retired 85 IFC  Maint 10416 San Jacinto Ave. NE Albuquerque,NM 87112
Logan, John A. 1957-1960 MSG  Lchr. Plt. Sgt. Deceased May 14, 2008  
Lohnes, Edward A. 1958 SGT    
Long, Barney 1957      
Long, Bruce D. 1970-1971 SP5 LCHR Crewman/Pnl Opr Contact info available  
Long, Daniel 1967-1968      
Long, John D. 1965      
Lookabaugh, Robert(Bob) 70-73 Army retired 73 SFC Lchr Plt Sgt. Deceased Jan 25, 2011  
Love, Robert L. 1968      
Lovelace, Charles 1955      
Luker, Thomas M. 1969 2nd LT    
Lundquist, Larry D. 1957-1958 Acquisition Radar Opr 4250 SW 80th Ave, Ocala Fl 34481
352-854-6216(Home) 352-804-8424(cell)
Lypscomb, James B. 1957      
Lytle, Richard P. (Dick) 1956 Launcher area Contact info available  
Lyles, William T. III 1960      
Lynn, David L. 1974 SP5    
Lyons, Kenneth 1974 TRR Opr Contact info available  



Macias, Jose I. 1972      
Madden, Robert E. 1966      
Madison, William 1962      
Madrigal, Victor M. 1955      
Maga, Richard J.(Rick) 1972 Missile/Assy crewman Contact info available  
Maine, Jack A., Sr. 1962-1965 FPSY/HI-PAR Opr. Contact info available  
Mains, Walter R., Jr. 1960 MSG Deceased 2003  
Majette, Ralph Jr. 1970      
Major, Peter B. 1965-1967 MP  Dog handler Contact info available  
Male,  Garry A. 1965-1968 Lchr. Generator Operator Contact info available  
Malone, Doyle D. 63-66 Army retired 76 SP5  LCHR Crewman 40 Henry Ln., Higganum, CT 06441
Malone, William A. 1958      
Mandel, Gerald A. 1958 2nd Lt. Lchr Area Contact info available  
Mandella, John A. 1971      
Mangus, Eugene A.(Gene) 1970-1972 Lchr Crewman Contact info available  
Mania, Jan 1970      
Maples, Winfield 1961 IFC Contact info available  
March, Richard L. 1974      
Marchese, Phillip F. 1963      
Marker, Harry R. 1969 Army Retired   Deceased Dec 21, 2000  
Markle, Thomas T., Jr. 1968   Contact info available  
Markow, Roy A. 1973      
Marlow, Harrison 1958      
Marrow, George B. 1966      
Marshall, Arthur W. 1967-1969 Computer opr Contact info available  
Marshall, David L. 1972      
Marshall, Joseph N. 1972      
Marshall, Tony L. 1960      
Martin, Richard J. 1970      
Martin, Robert F. 1957      
Martz, Lloyd E. 1957      
Mason, Jack N. 1957-1959 CW2 Deceased  
Mason, James A. 1968 SSG    
Massey, Jonah 1970-1971 SP5    
Matthews, Albert B. 1972      
Maxwell, Marvin L. 1960      
May, Michael E.(Mike) 1959-1962 Lchr. Contact info available  
May, Robert C. 1955 2LT Asst IFC Plt leader    
Mayberry, Clifton B. 1955      
Mayfield, George H. 1965      
Mayhand, Jesse 1971      
Maynard, Thomas 1971 SP5    
Mazewski, Edward J.(Ed) 72-74 Military ret 85 SP5 IFC HIPAR opr 35257 5th St, Millsboro,DE 19966
McAleenan, John H. 1965      
McAlpine, Alfred J. 1966      
McBroom, Robert P.(Mac) 1966 Army ret 1985 SP5 Maint. Engr. Contact info available  
McByrde, Gregory 1967      
McCain, Elmer C. 1955   Deceased  
McCall, Curtis 1970 CWO WO2    
McCallum, Robert E. 1970 SP5 Deceased 1989  
McCants, Omer L. 1974 Army ret 1993 BCO Cpt. Contact info available  
McCarty, David A. 1960      
McCleary, Jon E. 1959      
McClellan, Whitfield 1955   Contact info available  
McClelland, Sidney 1972 SP5    
McClendon, Paul G. 1958      
McClintock, Robert 1970 2nd Lt.    
McClure, David R. 1955      
McCready, William G. (George) 1969 Lchr Area Contact info available  
McClure, Neal T. 1972      
McCollum, Donald G. 1963 SP5    
McCourt, James G. 1972 SP5    
McCoy, William C. (Bill) 1959, Army ret 1970 SFC Lchr Pit Contact info available  
McCray, Dan L. 1972      
McCue, Terrance M.(Terry) 1966 Lchr Crewman Contact info available  
McCue, William R.(Bill) 1957-1959 Lchr. Crewman Contact info available  
McDade, Arthur 1974 SSG    
McDavid, Lecter P. 1957 MSG    
McFarlane, Andrew 1974   Contact info available  
McFarlin, Charles 1972 SP6    
McGourty, Francis C. (Fran) 1964-65 Army ret '80 BCO, Cpt

1195 Grafton St, Unit 9,Worchester Ma 01604
McGraw, Robert J. 1965      
McInnis, Harold D. 1955      
McKelvey, George A., Jr. 1968      
McKenna, Paul A. 1965      
McKeown, Russell K. 1973      
McKinney, John K. 1972-1973 HI-PAR Opr. 1908 Lake Lucerne Way SW, Lilburn,GA 30047
McMackin, Harry W. 1967-1968 2nd Lt. IFC  2820 Hazelville Dr Apt. B2, Nashville, TN 37212
McMullen, Chester 1957-1960 SFC  IFC Deceased  
McNeely, Sherman R. 1963      
Meadows, David L.(Dave) 1965-1968 Lchr Crewman Contact info available  
Meece, Ralph M. 1970 SP5    
Meier, George A. 1972      
Mellage, Frank R. 1968-1970 Lchr. Plt. Ldr. Contact info available  
Mellen, John 1962      
Merlino, Ferdinand 1955      
Messineo, Louis G. 1963   Deceased 2003  
Metroka, Robert J.(Bob) 1965-1968 Lchr Section Chier Contact info available  
Metz, Richard L. 1973      
Metz, Robert C. 63-65 Army ret 73 SGT  Lchr Area Contact info available  
Micuch, Albert E. 1958 SGT    
Mild, Carl A. Jr. 1970 SP5    
Miko, Daniel W. 1955 Attached    
Miller, Bernie E. 1971      
Miller, David F. 1957      
Miller, Henry(Mike) 1974 Army retired SSG Deceased  
Miller, Jerry D. 1972      
Miller, Karl M. 1963      
Miller, Larry G. 1974      
Miller, Marvell B. 1965      
Miller, Robert D. 1959 SFC    
Miller, Robert L. 1955      
Miller, Ronald K. 1972 SSG    
Mills, Raymond S., Jr. 1955      
Milor, Monte E. 1969      
Mimault, Robert J. 1955      
Mingle, Walter C. (Walt) 1958-1961 TTR Opr Contact info available  
Mirzoian, Gary D. 1972 2nd Lt. Deceased 2003  
Mish, Michael H.(Mike) 1972-1974 TTR Opr Contact info available  
Mitchell, James K.(Kent) 1958-1959 2nd Lt. Lchr Plt Ldr Contact info available  
Mitchell, John E., Jr. 1969      
Mitchell, Robert L. 1963 SP5    
Mitchell, Roy A. 1970-1971 Gen. Opr. Contact info available  
Mitchell, William 1971 SP5    
Mlinapich, Frank 1957 IFC Acq. Opr. Contact info available  
Montgomery, John H. 1966 SP5    
Montgomery, Robert J. 1968      
Montoya, Robert F. 1968-1970 Lchr Elect Tech Contact info available  
Moody, Dannie J.   1970 SFC Deceased 1995  
Moore, David A. 1972      
Moore, Donald B. 1965      
Moore, Freddie, Jr. 1955      
Moore, James 1965 SFC    
Moore, Joseph L. 1965      
Moore, Larry W. 1969      
Moore, Phillipi J. 1972 SP5    
Moore, Richard A. 1970      
Moore, Robert 1962      
Moore, Sydney R.(Sid) 1966-1968 Driver Contact info available  
Moore, Warren T. 1958      
Moore, Willie J. 1960      
Morrill, Bertrand L. (Bert) 1963-1966 Army ret '72, CWO2 Contact info avilable  
Morningstar, Dale E. 1958-1960 Lchr. Crewman    
Morrison Jimmy 1962      
Morrison, Harley 1962      
Morrison, Jimmy R. 1960      
Morrison, Marvin L. 1957      
Morrison, Terry G. 1972   Deceased 1990  
Morrissey Cyril 1961      
Morrow, Charles C.(Charlie) 1964-1965 Lchr Crewman Contact info available  
Moss, Bennie 1963      
Motter, Stanley D. 1965      
Moyer, Henry H. Jr. 1970 CWO WO2    
Muegge, Charles D. 1961-1964 Lchr Security- Dog hander Contact info available  
Mulich, Jack A. 1967 Army ret1968 CW3 Deceased January 2007  
Mulligan, Alfred L. III 1966      
Mullins, Ira G. 1966 SSG Deceased 2006  
Murphy, Henry E. 1955      
Murray, Jerry J. 1963      
Murt, Thomas W. Jr. (Tom) 1967-1969 Lchr Area Warhead Assy Contact info available  
Mutrie, Joseph A., Jr. 1960      
Myers, Charles R 1966      
Myers, James 1965      
Myers, Thomas C. 1971      
Mylett, John 1959      
Napier, Henry 1965      
Napper, Leonard E. 1955-1958 Launcher area Contact info available  
Natal-Fontan, Miguel A. 1955      
Neal, Arvil 1955 SFC Mess Sgt Deceased 2009  
Neff, Ronald S. 1966 SP5    
Nell, Stephen C, 1974      
Nelson, Bobby 1955      
Nelson, Robert L. Jr 1966      
Newberry, Delbert E. 1968-1969 MTR opr Contact info available  
Newhouse, Edwin B. 1969 SGT    
Newlon, Loris R. (Ray) 1961-1964 IFC-FIPSY/HIPAR Opr Contact info available  
Newman, David O. 1971      
Newsom, Arcoia E. 61Army ret 73 SP5  IFC Area Contact info available  
Nichols, James L. 1955      
Nicholson, James H. 1965      
Nicolas, Robert P. 1973      
Niles, Clifford L. 1962      
Noe, Clarence E. 1959 SFC    
Nolen, Fred L. 70-72 Army Ret 88 SSG--Supply Contact info available  
Noll, Stephen J.(Steve) 72-74  Army ret 96 IFC Acq Opr Contact info available  
Noonan, Paul A. 1972-1973 IFC Area Contact info available  
Nordahl, Arthur C. 1969      
Norris, Alan C. 1968   Contact info available  
Norris, Lawrence 1965 SP5    
Norris, Leonard J. 1960      
North, Edward L. 1966 MSG    
Obearle, Michael A. 1969      
Oberfranc, Dennis G. 1966-67 IFC--Gen. Opr. Contact info available  
O'Brien, James L. 1962 1st Lt.    
Odom, Albert 1955      
O'Donnell, James A.(Jamey) 1961-1964 IFC/Lchr Areas Contact info available  
Odrechowski, Charles E. 1960 MSG Deceased 2005?  
Oferrall, Mickey 1957-1958 2nd LT. Lchr Area Plt. Ldr Contact info available  
Olenek, Stephan M. 1967      
Ollie, Lylburn C. 1963      
Olson, Larry L. 1963-1964 Lchr Crewman Contact info available  
O'Niel, John R. 1958      
Onkst, Richard E. 1966 SP5    
O'rouke, Donald M. 1955      
Orvosh, Ronnie R. 1967-1969 Acquisition Radar Opr Contact info available  
Osterman, Dean R. 1972      
Ottke, Ralph H. 1973-1974 Lchr Crewman Contact info available  
Ousley, Joe N., Sr. 1955      
Overby, Clarence W. 71-74 Army Ret 79 SSG  LCHR Area Contact info available  
Owens, Alan D. 1968      




Page, Robert P. 1960 LCHR.Security (MPs)    
Pahel, Daniel E. 1972-1973 HIPAR/Gen.Opr. Contact info available  
Paklonsky, Richard L. 1967-1968 MotorPool/Lchr Area Contact info available  
Palmer, Edward C. 1974      
Parker, Georgia L. 1955      
Parks, Roger M. 1955      
Parrish, Charles A. 1972 SSG    
Pasko, George R. 1959 SSG attached    
Pastor, Robert F. 1963      
Patchin, David L. 1963 SP5    
Patrick, Walter H. 1963      
Paul, Donald C. 1959 SP5    
Paul, Erich A. 1974 2nd Lt.    
Paulus, Jeffrey A. (Jeff) 1968 Lchr. Plt. Ldr. Contact info available  
Payne, Ralph 1959      
Payne, Shawn D. 1970      
Pearse, Franklin C. 1960 SP5    
Pearson, Leozi 1965      
Pearson, Perry 1973      
Peets, Leroy M. 1966-1967 Lchr Crewman Contact info available  
Peffer, William D. Jr. 1964 1st Lt.    
Peoples, Clifford 1969      
Perrone, Paul T. 1957      
Peterson, Cleveland Jr. 1968 SP5    
Petropulos, James E.(Pete) 1966-67 IFC HIPAR Contact info available  
Pfau, Douglas W. 1970      
Phelps, Timothy L 1970      
Phillippi, Robert 1970 SP5    
Phillips, Paul O. 1966      
Phillips, Prentice, C., B. 1960 SGT    
Pickers, Stephen F. 1972      
Pierson, Floyd S. 1972-1974 Lchr Crewman Contact info available  
Pierson, Merle B. 1957      
Pikor, Joseph III 1969 SP5    
Pinchback, Willie 1972 SP5    
Pindell, Joseph H. 1974 Army Retired CWO WO3    
Pitman, James 1957      
Plafcan, Gary E. 1969 Lchr Area Contact info available  
Plassio, James J. 1958-1960 Battery Clerk 121 Sandy Circle, Chambersburg, PA. 17201
Plebaniak, John 1966      
Plemmons, Richard D. 1970 SGT    
Podbielniak, Frank 1957 IFC Supply Clerk Contact info available  
Pollard, Kenneth H. 1972 SP5    
Pollard, Robert N. 1973 SP5    
Pomeroy, John E. 1964-1966 2LT IFC Contact info available  
Poore, Payton F. 1955      
Pope, George E. 1968      
Popeko, William R.(Bill) 1962-1965 IFC Acq Opr Contact info available  
Porter, Elwood 1972      
Potter, Bobby G. 1972      
Potter, Leo O. 1971      
Poulson, William C.(Bill) 1959 Army ret1977 1st Lt. Lchr Contact info available  
Powell, Ronald E. 1973      
Pozzini, Albert F. 1957   Deceased 2007  
Price, Johnny 1966 SSG    
Prontiker, Steven 1960      
Pruit, Lester 1960      
Pusterhofer, Ronald J. 1956   Deceased 2008  
Pyles, Norman J. 1963      
Queen, Bobby D. 1957      
Raccioppi, Ronald J. 1966      
Race, Paul K. 1972 IFC  ACQ/COMP Contact info available  
Radabaugh, James A. 1963 SSG    
Radford, Patrick J. 1969      
Railing, Guy R. 1971      
Rall, Jeffrey A. 1971      
Ramaley, Daniel A. 1972 SP5    
Ramos, Miguel A. 1966      
Ramsey, Ronald B.(Ron)     1965-1968 LCA Engineering Contact info available  
Rapski, Neil J. 1968 BXO Contact info available  
Rasey, Richard C. 1963      
Ray, LeRoy C.(Humphrey) 57-61   Army retired Lchr.Crewmn/truck driver Contact info available  
Ream, Randy A. 1973-1974 Lchr. Crewman Contact info available  
Reed, Donald L. 1973      
Reed, Harman E. 1960 SP5    
Reed, James M. 1971 SP5    
Reese, Norman L. III 1972      
Reeser, Dickie L. 1959-1960 Computer Opr Contact info available  
Reid, Herbert L. 1970 SFC    
Renfro, James W. 1955      
Repak, John F. 1962-1965 lchr pnl opr. Contact info available  
Ribock, Adam E. 1957 SFC Mess Sgt    
Rice, Clark C. 1970-1972 SP5 Computer Opr Contact info available  
Rice, Elmer J. 1973      
Rich, James E. 1959      
Richard, Kenneth E. 1959-1961 SSG Deceased April 2007  
Richards, Robert K. 1970      
Richards, Steven W. 1963      
Richardson, James E. 1968      
Richey, Jimmy L. 1959      
Ricke, Harold W. 1970-1971 Lchr. Generator Operator Contact info available  
Ridgeway, David L. 1957-1958 IFC Gen. Opr. Contact info available  
Ridgley, Aldas S. Jr. 1955 CWO-W2 Missile Officer Deceased 2009  
Riffle, George W. 1961   Contact info available  
Riggin, Martin J.(Marty) 1960-1962 Mtr. Pool Hauled Missles Contact info available  
Riggins, L.C. 1956      
Rivard, Robert W. 1968 2nd LT    
Rizer, Robert L. 1960      
Rizzolo, Ralph J. 1962      
Roach, Gerald E.(Dick) 1960-1962 IFC  Contact info available  
Roadman, Charles W., Jr. 1968      
Robbins, Don 1967-1968 lchr crewman-C Section Contact info available  
Roberts, Roger L. 1969      
Roberts, William G. 1969      
Robertson, Ronald G. 1970      
Robins, Benjamin M. 1965 SP5    
Robinson, Dannie W. 1969   Deceased June 26, 2006  
Robinson, Jerry W. 1968 SGT    
Robinson, Richard 1963      
Roccasano, Robert L. 1958      
Roche, Joseph E. 1969 2nd LT    
Rodercik, Raymond E. 1957 SFC    
Rodgers, Henry J. 1965 SP5    
Rodgers, Leland J. 1966      
Rodriguez, Joe R. 1971 SGT    
Rodriguez, Richard G. 1967-1970, 1971-1973 SSG 6532 Lakeway Dr, Anchorage,AK 99502
Rogers, Howard L. 1969 SP4    
Rogers, John D. 1970 SP5    
Rogers, Theodis B. 1957-1959 Lchr Crewman Contact info available  
Rohner, Charles L. 1969      
Rollins, Stanley L. 1968 SP5    
Romell, John K. 1957-1959 Lchr. Crewman Deceased 2005  
Rominski, John A., Jr. 1960   Deceased 1997?  
Rooker, Randy R. 1970      
Roos, Carl J. 1962      
Root, John D. 1971      
Rosenblat, Duane 1974 MP    
Rosenblum, Mark I. 1969      
Ross, James 1958      
Ross, Joe L. 1957-1959 Lchr Crewman Deceased March 4, 2008  
Rossi, Peter D. 1955      
Rothrock, Larry W. 1965      
Roughton, John D. 1955      
Rowe, Herbert G. 1969 SP6    
Rowe, Ronald M. 1963      
Ruble, Kenneth G. 1966      
Rue, Theodore O. 1957      
Russell, Fred W. 1964-1966 Computer Opr Contact info available  
Russell, Timothy W. 1970-1971 MP Dog Handler Contact info available  
Rypkema, William 1973      



Sahlein, Joseph J. 1970 SP5    
Salley, Edward L. 1969 Army ret 1984 SSG Deceased Jan 4, 2007  
Sanders, Joe C. 1970 MSG 1stSGT    
Sanderson, Ronnie E. 1970 SP5    
Santarsiero, Richard 1970      
Santillanez, Santiago (Saints) 1958-1959 LCHR. Area Contact info available  
Sasser, William E. 1957      
Saunders, Lonnie R. 1965-1968 Lchr Area  LCT opr Contact info available  
Savage, Daniel A. 1972      
Savage, James L. 1963      
Sawyer, James O. Jr. 1972 SP5    
Sawyer, Joseph, Jr. 1955      
Sawyer, Samuel W. Jr. 1971      
Scarnecchia, Thomas R. Jr 1959   Deceased April 16, 2009  
Schack, Carl J. 1962-1964 Lcher Area  Dog Handler Contact info available  
Schader, Gerald W. 1970 CWO WO2    
Schell, Frederick 1970      
Schillo, Woodrow M. 1957 SP5    
Schmidt, Edward 1969 SSG    
Schmidt, George J. 1966      
Schmieder, Michael 1972      
Schmitt, Lawrence T. 1969      
Schmitt, Robert T. 1972      
Schneider, James A. 1966      
Schur, George M. 1961 Security MP Contact info available  
Scohy, Robert K.(Ken) 1970-1972 MP Contact info available  
Scott, Harold R. 1962      
Scott, Jerry 1973-1974 Lchr Area Contact info available  
Sechler, Thomas E.(Tom) 1963   Contact info available  
Seefeld, William K. (Bill) 68-69 Army ret 69 1st Sgt Contact info available  
Seib, Richard L. 1955      
Senatore, Gary L. 1972-1974 IFC    
Senior, Richard 1973      
Serafini, Stanley 1974      
Sexton, Michael A. 1970      
Sexton, William M. 1965      
Shaffer, Ronald R.(Ron) 1965-1967 IFC-Motor Pool Contact info available  
Sharp, Harold E. 1960 SGT    
Sharr, Harold 1962      
Shedlock, John J. 1959-1962 LCHR. Security(MPs) Contact info available  
Sheely, Graham R. (Bob) 1958-59 attached FIPSY operator Contact info available  
Sheets, Robert D. 1965      
Sheppard, Edward R. 1964      
Sheppard, Grover C. 1962 SSG    
Sherlock, John 1962      
Sherman, Buck Jr. 1966 SP5    
Sherman, Lawrence E. 1960-1962 LCHR. Security(MPs) Contact info available  
Short, Carl S. 1972-1973 Lchr Crewmn/Sec.Guard Contact info available  
Shriver, Clifton R.(Cliff) 1966 Lchr Crewman Contact info available  
Shumaker, Kenneth R. 1973      
Shupe, Ronald L.(Ron) 59-61 Army retired Cook Deceased January 25, 2010  
Sichko, John F. 1969 SGT    
Siggers, Frank 1957      
Sigmon James L.(Larry) 68-70 Army retired 87 Lchr crewman/Cook Contact info available  
Silvis, Lewis C. Jr. 72-74  Army retired 93 Lchr Crewman Contact info available  
Simons, Freddie Jr 1966 SSG    
Sims, David L. 1960      
Sims, Grady L. 1972      
Sirk, Edward F. 1972      
Sitton, James R. 1957-1960 Lchr. Crewman Contact info available  
Sjoden, Richard E. 1957 SFC    
Skibbe, Arthur M., Jr. 1968      
Slaght, George D. 1968      
Slagle, Daniel C. 1968      
Slaven, Thomas D. 1970-1971 Lchr Crewman Contact info available  
Sleighter, Ronald P. 1955   Deceased 1957  
Slosser, William 1967      
Slotman, Harvey D. 1960      
Smisko, Thomas R. 1965      
Smith, Adrian 1967 CW3    
Smith, Charles B. 1968 SSG    
Smith, Charles E. 1966      
Smith, Charles F. 1960      
Smith, Dayton 1972 SGT    
Smith, Denver L. 1968      
Smith, Frederick S. 1970      
Smith, Gary A. 62-65  Army retired   Contact info available  
Smith, James E. 1955 SGT    
Smith, Jay H. 1965      
Smith, M. T. 1957      
Smith, Paul M. 1964 2nd Lt.    
Smith, Paul R. 1962      
Smith, Robert, Jr. 1955      
Smith, William W.(Bill) 1966-1968 IVC HIPAR Opr    
Smoody, Richard T. 1965      
Smor, John L. 1972      
Smyth, Robert G. (Bob) 1967-1969   Deceased 2008  
Snavely, Leonard F.(Len) 57-59 Army retired IFC Crew Chief Deceased October 12, 2010  
Snead, Russell T., Jr. 1960      
Snider, John R. 1959 SGT    
Snow, Lavern R.(Hank) 1957-1959   Deceased July 8, 1989  
Snuffer, Henry E. 1974 SSG    
Snyder, James L. 1963      
Snyder, Raymond I. 1970 SP5    
Span, Elijah S. 1972 SFC    
Sparks, J.M. 1955      
Sparrow, Joseph E. 1963      
Spaulding, Robert A. 1972 2nd Lt.    
Spaulding, William 1961      
Speight, Marcellus 1974 Plt. Sgt  SFC    
Spence, Paul R. Jr. 1959      
Spence, Robert 1963      
Spurr, Charles F. Jr.(Chuck) 1971 SGT Contact info available  
Stallings, David H. 1959      
Staples, Carson T. 1969      
Stanley, Harris M. 1955 SFC    
Starks, Leon 1963      
Steed, Paul C. Jr 1966 SP5    
Steedley, Emory C. 1959-1963 TTR Opr Contact info available  
Steffey, Glen A. 1955-1958 Radar operator Contact info available  
Stepp, James A. 1959 attached    
Stein, Edward J. Jr. 1958 1st Lt. BCO    
Stein, Robert J. 1963      
Stemmler, Donald H.(Don) 1965-1968 SP5 Contact info available  
Stephan, John D. 1972      
Stephens, Leslie E. 1972 Plt. Sgt. SFC    
Stevens, Adron G. 1959 MSG    
Stevens, Thomas S.(Tom) 1958-1961 Computer Opr Deceased Oct 1, 2011  
Stewart, John T. Jr. 1965      
Stidd, John M. 1960 SP5    
Stiffly, Roy E. 1966 SP5    
Stivason, Barry L. 1970      
Stoll, Richard W. 1968 SP5    
Stone, Bobby D. 1972      
Stone, Lawrence E. 1967      
Stone, Richard A. 1970      
Strayhorn, William E. 1966      
Stricklin, Paul A. 1955-1957 Acq. radar operator Contact info available  
Strite, Lewis E. 1965 Lchr Crewman Contact info available  
Stuber, Charles P. 1972      
Stukbauer, Edward R. 1959 attached    
Sturgeon, George E. 1955-1957 Comm Operator Contact info available  
Suender, Harold H. 1966      
Suenkonis, Peter 1973      
Suitt, Donald R. 1958 SGT Supply Room    
Sullivan, Martin, Jr. 1955      
Sullivan, William E. 1956      
Sumlin, James Jr. 1970      
Summerlot, Robert L. (Bob) 57-58  Army retired 63 Cpt. BCO  Contact info available  
Swager, Larry J. 1966-1967 Launcher Area Contact info available  
Sweatt, James R. Jr. 1973 SSG    
Sylvia, Joseph 1968      
Szaruga, Martin F. 1958 SP5    
Tabb, Richard H. Jr. 1965 SP5    
Tackett, Thomas J. 1963   Deceased 2005  
Tamanini, Frank D. 1955 WO-W1 Asst IFC Specialist    
Tantlinger, Ralph E. 1966-1967 Lchr Crewman Contact info available  
Tatlor, Matthew S. 1969      
Taylor, Charles R. 1960 SGT    
Taylor, Richard H. 1957 SFC    
Taylor, Richard H. 1957 SFC    
Taylor, Robert W. 1970      
Teal, Donald R. 1963 Military retired SP5 Deceased 2003  
Teel, Dempsey L. Jr. 1972      
Tellin, Larry D. 1969 2nd LT    
Temple, Jessie H. 1970      
Terrell, George H.(Terry) 62-65 Military ret 2003 IFC  Acq opr Contact info available  
Thayer, George R., Jr. 1955      
Thome, James J. (Jim) 1969 Army retired 2nd LT Contact info available  
Thompson, Donnie T. 1958-1959 Supply Clerk/PX Contact info available  
Thompson, Gary G. 1966      
Thornquest, Donald (Don) 1956 Cook Contact info available  
Tillbery, Francis L. (Tilley) 1955-1958 LCT Switchboard Contact info available  
Tiller, Amos T. 1957 SP5    
Tillman, Henry 1963      
Tolin, Phillip N. 1971 SGT    
Tomblin, Joseph L.(Joe) 72-73 Army retired 82 SSG Mess SGT. Contact info available  
Torres, Centino D. 1972      
Tracy, Gordon C. II 1966      
Traficante, Joseph 1972 SP5    
Traugott, David A. (Dave) 1966-67 Army ret '84 BCO, Cpt Contact info available  
Trapps, Lewis C. 1963-1965 Lchr Crewman Contact info available  
Trujillo, Dwight M. 1965      
Trump, William J. 1957 SGT    
Tucker, Richard 1965      
Turbyfill, Ronald 1967 SP5    
Twiford, Marvin 1967      
Tyner, Harmon D. 66 Army retired 74 SSG  IFC Deceased June 29, 2009  
Tyree, Claudy R. 1965      
Ulibarri, Eddie 1966      
Underwood, John M 1966      
Valek, Roman L. 1959      
Valerio, Mark D. 1973      
Vallance, Donald R. 1963      
Varo, Robert R., Jr (Bob) 1965-1967 Plt. Ldr., XO 1st Lt Contact info available  
Van Deusen, Joel R. 1963      
Van Diver, Clayton 1970      
Van Handel, Kenneth J(Ken) 1962-1965 IFC Computer W7213 Firelane 2, Menasha, WI 54952
Van Hoose, David E. 1969 Lchr Area Contact info available  
Van Pietersom, William(Bill) 1957-1959 MTR opr. Contact info available  
Vance, Charles D. 1966 SP5    
Vandine, James R. 1972      
Vazzaho, Dominick T. 1957      
Vellucci, Michael 1967      
Verbonach, John J. 1966   Deceased Feb. 15, 1993  
Vercher, Jefferson 1965      
Verge, Pedro J. Jr. 1970 SP5    
Vierstra, James W. 1963      
Villarroel, Lawrence 1956      
Vindick, Anthony F. 1965 SFC    
Voight, Donald R. 1966      
Vukas, Michael D. 1955   Deceased 1958  
Vuleta, Steve 1957      



Wade, Paul E. 1966   Deceased 1966?  
Wagner, John R., Jr. 1969      
Waite, Donald E. 1957-1959   Deceased June 27, 1997  
Walker, Eugene C., Jr. 1969 SGT    
Walker, Jimmie L 70 Army Retired 73 SSG Deceased Feb. 2004  
Walker, Randolph W. (Randy). '59-60 Army Retire '78 Lchr Area Contact info available  
Walter, John S. 1972      
Walters, Blair E. 1972      
Walters, Russel D. 1966      
Waltman, Roy W. 58-61 Army retired '76 SP5 Lchr area Contact info available  
Wanless, John V. 1958-1961 Acq Radar/Comp Opr Contact info available  
Wall, Jesse 1969      
Waller, James 1956      
Ward, Lawrence E. 1955-1957 Launcher area Contact info available  
Warehime, Marlyn E. 1958      
Wassel, Frank A. 1963      
Watkins, Larry S. 1971      
Watkins, Ronald C. 1974      
Watson, Michael E. 1969      
Watton, Terrance E. (Terry) 57-59Army retired IFC Maintenance Contact info available  
Watton, William M. 1960   Deceased 2001  
Weatherford, Clyde M. 1960      
Weatherford, William 1962 2nd Lt.    
Weaver, Donald K. 1970      
Weaver, Ernest C. 1962      
Weaver, John E., III 1969      
Weaver, William O. 1973      
Webster, Robert E. 1966-1968 SP5 IFC Area Contact info available  
Wellman, Donald C.(Don) 1958-1961 IFC Acqr/Comp Opr 7236 Walling Ln, Dallas Tx 75231
Wellman, Michael D. 1963      
Weltz, William R.(Bill) 1965-1968 Lchr Crewman Contact info available  
Wendel, Forest L. (Jack) 1958-1960 LCHR. Contact info available  
Wesley, Cyrus 1957      
West, Douglas D. 1959 attached Deceased 2009  
Whaley, Wintford C. 62-63 Army Retired 70 SSG   Lchr Area Contact info available  
Whitaker, Matthew E. 1966 SGT    
White, Jarrel R. 1973 SP5    
White, John L. 1957 SGT    
White, Richard S. 1973      
White, William S. 1970 SGT    
Whitehead, Clarence L. 1960      
Whitsette, James L. 1963 SFC    
Widener, Charles B. 1963      
Wilke, Maurice C. 1972      
Wilkins, Kenneth D. 1972      
Williams, Barry L. 1974      
Williams, Bruce 1962      
Williams, Clarence 1972      
Williams, David R. 1970 SP5    
Williams, Harry L. 1973      
Williams, J.W. 1955      
Williams, James 1955      
Williams, Raymond F. 1969      
Williams, Reginald 1962      
Williard, James E. Jr. 1966 SP5    
Wilson, Ralph B. Jr. 1969-1971 1st Lt.IFC Contact info available  
Wilson, Vasco W.Jr.(Winfield) 1959-1961 Lchr area Contact info available  
Wingard, Richard 1966      
Winger, Allan 1973-1974 MP Contact info available  
Winkler, Joel M. 1959      
Wisneski, Richard 1968      
Wissinger, Winnett E. 1958      
Wiswell, James P. 1966 IFC Maintenance Contact info available  
Withers, Willie 1963 SFC    
Witmer, Clyde M. 1955 Motor pool mechanic Contact info available  
Woda, David (Dave) 1957-1958 CPL. Comm.Chief Contact info available  
Wolf, Norman R., Jr. 1960 CWO W2    
Wolfe, Gary W. 1963-1964 Lchr/engr Contact info available  
Wolfgang, RObert 1969 MP    
Wolin, Arthur 1963 SFC    
Wolny, Joseph W. (Joe) 1969 Radar repairman Contact info available  
Woodfield, Donald F.(Woody) 1959-1961 Lchr. Parts Contact info available  
Woodmancy, Raymond A. 1958-1961 Lchr. Deceased  
Woods, Herman T. 1969 SSG    
Woods, Matthew F. 1957 MSG    
Woods, Philip D. 1973      
Woomer, Fulton E. (Ed) 1969 Lchr Area Contact info available  
Word, Jeremiah L. 1972-1973 Medic Contact info available  
Workman, Williard A. 1963   Deceased 2006  
Wright, DannyJ. 1971-1974 Lchr crewman/Medic Contact info available  
Wright, John O. 1963      
Wright, Ralph G. 73-74 Army retired SSG Deceased 2003  
Yaros, John 1957 MSG    
Yell, Lee  R.                 1961 Army retired SGT  Motor Pool Contact info available  
Young, Alva D. 1961 IFC Area Contact info available  
Youst, Frank D. 1971-1974 LCHR AREA Contact info available  
Zailo, Michael H. (Mike) 1966 MP Dog handler Contact info available  
Zaleski, Edward 1960 SGT    
Zangla, Thomas(Tom) 1967-1968 Supply Clerk Contact info available  
Zarks, Johnny C. 1960 SP5    
Zeidman, Jacob M. 1969   Deceased 2008  
Zerone, Thomas V. (Tom) 1967-1969 TTR Opr Contact info available  
Ziemer, William H.(Bill) 1973   Contact info available  
Ziglear, Bernard D. 1962      
Zimmerman, Gerald K. 1957 1st Lt.    
Zinn, Merle C. 1960-1961 Lchr area Contact info available  
Zoffuto, Frank C. 71-73 Military retired IFC Acq opr Contact info available